Question two #2

“Browse some of the Zaps via the menu and get them to work by finding the picture on the web so you can zap it. Which ones worked out for you and what does it do when interacted with successfully? In cases where you can record a photo or video, do so and include with your post.”

For the Zapper app I use the “Lenovo – Kobe Bryant” Zapper I when to the website and they gave an photo after I unlocked it, it took me to an basketball game where I was shooting an basketball. It was an simple game  but it was cool.  It was slow but I still managed to play it a couple times. The app had the backboard moving around, it was confusing and kind of annoy. I also use the happy feet two Zapper, it worked fine for me, it was the movie trailer. It had an penguin dancing and it also gave you the choose of moving the penguin.


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