What did David mean by “content is king”?

Bill gates wrote an essay entitled “Content is King” and he began by saying “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”. In other words Bill gates is saying that popular is everything, only the applications with the most popular content online are being used and those are the ones the make a money. The popular applications such as social networks, video websites and blog host is the content that businesses look at first but some company look for a small applications so they can made it up.

In today’s world, a website without meaningful content has no chance of successes and nothing can change that. This is because the main reason for a website is to send out content and if it is not good content then that website is a failure. A website should be able to distribute the content so the viewer can easily view it and share it elsewhere. The way the content is displayed is also a big part of it, the website should has simple design but too much graphics can be distracting from the content.

What about David’s story from growing up in a basement apartment in Queens to becoming a company that embarks on innovation could you relate to and why?
Analyze and explain. Your answer should be several paragraphs. Give specific examples he spoke about.

After hearing David’s life story I can relate a lot of it to my life, because just like him I started from nothing but made a choice for a better life. When David said when he was growing up he didn’t have any of the cool clothes his friends had, he got a job and did work to buy those things, I really connected to that and made me think of my past. When I was growing up I was living with my mother and we were living in a one bed room apartment the bathroom was outside and we barely kept up with the rent. I saw the problems my mother was facing, so I would do any jobs that were around, most of which was construction and as a kid the person would only give me a small amount of money but it whatever the case was I would always give my mother the money.

David talked about his mentor, who committed to investing in Digital Surgeons but died before he could follow through. He said the greatest advice he’d ever gotten was from this man—“Fast nickels are better than slow dimes.” What did this mean? How might you relate this to your own life?

The quote “Fast nickels are better than slow dimes.” means that a smaller profit can be better for business than a potentially larger profit. Choosing slow dimes over fast nickles is being greedy and that’s doing that can cause problems in the future. If a person is selling a merchandise at market price but that merchandise is selling slow, or not being sell at all, then that person should sell that the item at a lower price.  I cannot find a way that this can relate to my life, but I have sold things online before. When I was selling those things I looked up the average price that the item is sold for and when I find the price, I make sure I sell the item for a price lower than that to make my item sell faster but I still make a good amount of money.