final project

What did you think of this project?   I think this project is really strange because all the three project doesn’t seem to connect in any way.

What did you learn? I learned that podcast could be a fun thing to do with friends, if I ever wanted to do it.


The Fiverr Gig



What did you think of the site and what it tries to accomplish?  This fiverr site is really great and I think it tries to give people a opportunity to use the talents they have.

• How did you decide what to do for your gig? we decided to do this gig because of the fact that we are both graphic design majors and use photoshop alot.

Do you intend to keep this going? we do not intend to keep the gig up.




Why did you select this topic? we selected this topic because it really interested us.

What were some of the challenges in creating it?The challenges in creating this podcast were finding the right videos to get the audio from and putting it all together.


Screencasting: Screenr


• What did you think of this software?

 It is a great software. Because it is so easy to use even when someone who never been used it try to use the screencast.

• What are the pros/cons of screencasting?

 The great pros is the yellow circle of mouse icon. It makes people can concentrate the content.

 When you want to make the video to use this software, you should do all things in a take. I think it is little bit uncomfortable.

• Will you use Screenr again?

 I will use again because I am a graphic designer but my major is not the video, so I can make some videos easily to use this software.